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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy with Organized Shelves and Cabinets

Elkins Tenant Organizing the Pantry in Their KitchenCaring for your Elkins kitchen means more than simply cleaning regularly. It additionally means using a good organization strategy to keep your dishes, pans, and food items within easy reach and where they belong. Most kitchens, cabinet and shelf space is limited. Despite that, by using some clever organizing hacks, you can quickly make the most of the storage space in your rental home’s kitchen.

The key thing to always know about organizing a kitchen is that you should establish a clear separation amongst the stuff you place in your upper cabinets, your lower cabinets, and your shelves. It is common practice to keep dishes and glasses, cookbooks, and other often-used items in upper cabinets. In cases where you have a pantry, organize all your items inside rather than tossing them in randomly. Try grouping items according to food or container type, frequency of use, and so on. If you have pretty dishes or glassware, consider displaying them on open shelves in eye-pleasing groupings. Lower cabinets are best for heavy pots and pans, small appliances, mixing bowls, and cleaning products. Don’t forget to install cabinet locks for safety.

Once you figure out where you want to put your items, the succeeding step is to develop an organizational strategy. The simplest approaches are often the best. One of the most convenient ways to organize kitchen shelves, cabinets, and drawers is to use organizers designed for that purpose. Just as silverware trays keep your utensils neatly in their place, this also applies to knife blocks and spice racks. A chaotic spice cabinet can make cooking in your kitchen a frustrating experience. But with a bit of organization, you could keep your favorite spices accessible while putting some of the lesser-used items toward the back.

If brand new kitchen organizers are too limiting or too expensive, consider repurposing other types of organizers for use in the kitchen. For instance, a simple magazine holder can also be used to keep jars and random items in check. They could also be repurposed to organize cleaning supplies, with the most repeatedly needed items placed in front. Another office-to-kitchen crossover item is the file folder. If you can find an inexpensive large metal file organizer, it could be placed in a cabinet to keep baking pans, lids, and other loose items clean. To hold the file rack in place, use a rubber-backed shelf liner or some hook-and-loop tape.

As for canned foods, maintaining neatness and organization can be hard. One trick to keep canned goods organized is to make use of wire shelving designed for closets. The underside of wire closet shelving typically has a lip that, when tilted at a 45-degree angle, can make an excellent cabinet rack. As each can is used, the remaining cans will shift downward, permitting one to check your stock at a glance. With a simple hack like this, you will never be worried about searching for loose cans or make a wild guess on whatever that messy cabinet contains.

And to finish, a good tactic to keep cleaning products organized and off the cabinet floor is to use a simple tension rod. Just installing a tension rod inside a lower cabinet, you can then hang spray bottles, rags, and gloves. This method will keep your items off the cabinet floor and your favorite things within easy grasp.

Organizing kitchen shelves and cabinets can be a real time-saver. It can also assist you in knowing what you have available, thus preventing you from buying items you don’t need. With several simple strategies and a remodeled item or two, you can easily make the organized kitchen shelves and cabinets you’ve always wanted.

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