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Rental-Friendly Tips for Making Your Place Look Bigger

Small but Stylish Elkins RoomAs a Elkins renter, you want to get the most out of your home. However, if your rental house is on the small side, it can be hard to know how to maximize your space in a way that still feels personal. Nobody wants a rental home that feels confined and gloomy. But on the other hand, few renters want a space that is blank or impersonal. The good news is that there’s no need to live with either extreme. Instead, try following a few rental-friendly tips that can help you make your place look bigger – without sacrificing comfort or style.

When pondering about how to create a sense of space, interior designers often start with the walls and windows. As a rule, light-colored walls make a room feel bigger. As a renter, you may not have much choice in your wall color, but most landlords will opt for white or neutral walls anyway. This can work to your advantage.

Windows are another fundamental element of maximizing room space. Large windows will help add natural light and a casual feeling to a room. But if you don’t have large windows, there are ways to give the impression that your windows are bigger than they are. For example, try hanging an oversized decorative shade over a small or odd-sized window to give the impression that it is larger than it is. Another way to give the impression of larger windows is to hang long curtains near the ceiling. By adding visual height to your windows, it can make the room seem bigger.

Using vertical space is another important part of making any room seem larger. Anything you can do to draw the eye up will give an interior space a bigger feel. For instance, try adding shelving high up on the wall to display some colorful home décor items. Just like with window curtains, you can also hang shower curtains from the ceiling to make a small bathroom seem bigger. With a simple tension rod and a long, good-looking shower curtain, you can add a sense of height and beauty to your tiny bathroom.

To truly maximize the impression of space in your home, one other excellent tip is to incorporate reflective surfaces into your décor. Mirrors, lamps, and shiny décor items can all help bounce light around and make a room feel bigger and brighter. If you’ve got dark corners, try adding battery-operated decorative lights that you can attach directly to the wall or under a cabinet. With no wiring or wall damage required, these lights can help make a small room feel more open and roomier.

Lastly, you can make your rental house feel bigger by choosing the right size of furniture for your space. Trying to squeeze large couches or other furniture into a small space will only make the room feel cramped and crowded. The same is true for dark furniture. Too many pieces of dark furniture can make a room feel dark and small. Instead, choose light, aptly-sized furniture for each room. Whenever possible, opt for a simple color palette and lighter colors. When putting furniture in each room, make sure that there is a clear area around each piece of furniture to give a sense of space. Enhance that sense of space by banishing clutter inside cabinets, organized on light-colored shelving, and in decorative bins.

By following these simple decorating tips, you can make your rental home feel larger and more spacious, too. Would you like more decorating tips for your rental house? Read more on Real Property Management First Choice’s blog or contact us today!

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