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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Alternatives for Christmas Trees in Your Bel Aire Rental Home

A Christmas Tree Made Out of Shelves and Books in a Small Living RoomNumerous renters feel as though celebrating the holiday without a Christmas tree is incomplete. Although, it is worth noting that bringing a fresh-cut tree or even a large imitation tree into your Bel Aire home can be a costly choice – or sometimes even worse.

As reported by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Christmas trees are responsible for causing an average of 170 residential fires every year, causing an average of 15 injuries, 4 deaths, and $12 million in property damage. Representations like these prove just how dangerous Christmas trees can be, and may motivate you and your landlord to search for creative alternatives.

Safety aside, the eagerness to go for a low-cost, low-hassle alternative to the traditional Christmas tree just may let your creative side shine. A substitute Christmas tree can be constructed out of just about any material you can think of, giving you a creative new take on the traditional tree.

For instance, if you have an additional space in the wall in your living room or somewhere else that is appropriate, you could create a “tree” out of crepe paper or washi tape, adding ornaments that you can attach directly to the wall. For the bolder ones, consider making a tree out of post-it notes, using different colored notes to create the effect of green branches and colorful ornaments. You could further draw or paint a tree outline on a large canvas or chalkboard, allowing your imaginative side to shine through. By using removable tape or other materials, you can easily create an affordable “tree” on your wall that can then be quickly removed.

For renters looking for a more 3-dimensional option, reflect on what you can build with a wooden ladder, a stack of books, or several large pieces of cardboard. Ever recognize how a freestanding ladder looks like a triangle from the side? Wrap a string of lights around it and add a few decorative touches, and you have created a “Christmas tree” that you can use for home maintenance tasks the entire rest of the year.

For the book lover, examine creating a “tree” on a small table by creatively stacking some books. Next, you can add ornaments on top to finish it with the true holiday feel. You can even try crafting a multi-sided “tree” out of large pieces of cardboard inserted through each other. This freestanding tree stand-in can then be painted or ornamented to change its appearance and feel to suit whatever you want it to be.

There are other creative options to try that include twine and twigs. It is not that difficult to create a “tree” shape by wrapping an upside-down cone, tomato cage, or other items with twine, felt, or decorative ribbon. These fantastic creations can then be shown wherever you have the space to do so. For a more rustic approach, consider trying different lengths of twigs together to create a tree-shaped twig ladder that can be drooped in a window or installed on a wall.

Innovative and low-cost, each one of these prospects might just be your new go-to Christmas decoration. But if you do have inquiries about what decorations your landlord will allow, it is important to communicate early and frequently with your landlord or Bel Aire property manager. Ultimately, they are your best guide to a safe and hassle-free holiday season. For more information about how the team at Real Property Management First Choice can help, contact us online or call us at 479-242-0791.

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